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Understanding Retro's & Large Deductible Programs
Approved by the States of CT, PA and NY for Eight Continuing Education Credits
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Date:Friday November 11, 2011
Location:University of Connecticut
Stamford Campus
One University Place
20 Broad Street (at Washington Blvd)
Stamford, CT 06901-2315
(203) 251-8400

Room 131
Parking:On Washington Blvd across the
street from UCONN building.
Directions:Click Here

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Course Introduction

Loss sensitive insurance products are no longer just for jumbo accounts. Several of your firm’s larger Guaranteed Cost clients are probably eligible for a loss-sensitive alternative.

In the midst of the most challenging economic times in 80 years, clients must find any way possible to reduce and control their cost of doing business, and a loss-sensitive option for their casualty coverage may be an approach they are ready to embrace. In this highly competitive marketplace, you must be able to deliver to your clients the broadest spectrum of risk financing and coverage choices available before your competitor does it for them.

"Understanding Retro's & Large Deductible Programs" is a highly interactive, comprehensive, introductory course created for brokers, agents, and insureds seeking to get a solid foundation on how loss-sensitive insurance products work both conceptually and practically. No prior knowledge of, or experience with these plans is required, as the course guides you from traditional Guaranteed Cost to Retro's and Large Deductibles comparing and contrasting all along the way.

This course will demystify loss-sensitive plans and explain the unique dynamics of Third Party (liability) casualty insurance in a clear and easy to understand format where your questions and class participation are encouraged and anticipated. Not only will we cover what these plans are and how they work, but we will also discuss strategies on how to:

  • negotiate these programs,
  • analyze and compare various carrier proposals,
  • formulate a recommendation, and
  • apply the "mantra's" you will learn to keep you on track to achieve all these.
This one day course is approved by the States of Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania for Eight (8) Continuing Education Credits (CEC).

The session starts promptly at 8:30 AM and ends approximately by 5:00 PM.

Each student will receive a bound copy of the presentation slides in a "note-taking" format for use during the seminar.

So please register today for our next session as class size is limited.

What you will need to bring to class:
Calculator (mandatory)
Producer/Broker's License Number (agents and brokers only)
Photo Identification
Business card

Dress: Business Casual. Please bring a sweater or light jacket should the classroom temperature be cooler than you prefer.

Lunch: NOT provided

Beverages: NOT provided